How to Generate Quick Content Ideas

We are living in a world full of content. Some is more meaningful, some is made to make you laugh, some is about giving you value in small, easy to digest bites.  How do we still manage to generate quick content ideas, even when we don’t feel very inspired?

As a marketer, you have to be creative. Besides KPIs and lead funnels, making strategies and generating content is something we have to do frequently, for different company profiles, target audiences. But what should you do when you have no more new ideas? Maybe you had a busy day, maybe you lack creativity this week, maybe you think you’ve done it all and there’s nothing left on the earth for you to post about.

One of the most common problems we have stumbled upon when talking to different content creators is originality. How do you stay original? How bad is it to recreate other creators’ designs? After creating tons of content materials, how do you manage to stay inspired and create yet another one?

The good and the bad news is that, most probably, everything has already been made. There are no new ideas about that infographic on the anatomy of high converting emails (link). We all regenerate old posts, old ideas, old methods to create new content. And that’s exactly what we want to talk about in today’s article: what to do when you have no inspo nor time?

The answer is in scrolling back through your old online stuff. Let’s talk about every type of content and how you can reuse it:

1. Repurpose videos

Videos are a great way to make quick content by deconstructing it.

Whether you have longer Youtube videos, shorter reels about a topic, interviews where you have been featured you can repurpose each of them. Videos can be transcripted into a blog article where you cover more subjects on the same topic. A Q&A article can cover more subjects from different videos.  

Interviews type videos can also be cut into shorter snippets and post them over several weeks, creating a series.

We have transformed this article: Should You Hire a Marketing Agency for Your Small Business?

Into this video:

2. Repurpose articles

The time you use in writing articles is a time you will save when you will reuse it.

The good thing with articles is that they contain a lot of info. What can we do with a lot of info? Break it into ideas that can be written on banners. Giving your audience easy and fun to read valuable information can be a great way to redirect them to your website in order to read more on the topic.

We have transformed this article: Know Your Marketing Dictionary 101

Into these banners:

Any kind of visual representation of the topic can work: infographics, memes that can be linked to the subject, screenshots or screen recordings of the article, you name it!

3. Curate sources

Have you read something cool about your industry? Share it! We, as others, love to receive other sources recommendations about topics we are interested in. It can be Youtube videos, articles, tools, news. You know a fun reel that your audience might love? Don’t hesitate and use it!

You don’t always have to create content that covers your activity only.

Sharing is caring, therefore, curating other sources can bring you engagement and can do that in no time, using what you already know, or use. You can either post a link to an article you find useful to your audience, or make your own article about 10 great resources on a topic. This way you generate authentic content using already existing sources, curated by you.

Here is a similar article that we have made on 12 virtual event statistics.

4. See what others are doing

It is important to keep an eye open on what people from your branch are posting. First, it helps you remain relevant and adapt to the trends and interests and second, it can refresh your creativity and help you have ideas when you are running out of time.

Your clients or suppliers are also a good place to look in. You have stumbled upon one of their posts that you like and find it valuable? Reshare it. It will be relevant to your audience and it will also help you maintain a good relationship with them.

5. Encourage to chat

Chatting has become so much easier now, you can get engagement by simply asking questions that you would have fun answering. 

Don’t forget about Instagram’s interactive stickers – ask whatever you think it’s relevant and wait for your audience to express their stand. If you want to use this interaction on a platform that doesn’t support these features, simply share the results and ask your audience what they think. 

Ask your audience things about their experience in a certain context regarding your industry. Share behind the scenes photos and talk about the life behind a business, ups and lows. You don’t have to feel the pressure to post only positive content. If you feel so, you can talk frankly about what challenges you have encounter or which are your biggest obstacles.

Things that you already know or are aware of, but don’t think would make an interesting content –try them out!


Here are our 5 ideas to generate quick content that we have tested and continue to use whenever we’re struggling with ideas for new content or want to bring back to life the old pieces we’ve done.

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Good luck with repurposing!

About the author

I am Diana Slabu, content marketer with a background in anthropology. With my anthropologist’s glasses on and my dog by my side, I try to see the world and society in its complexity and particularity.

I am responsible for the social media posts, fun stories and easy to read texts in the B2C education clients world.

If you want to reach out, you can find me on LinkedIn here.

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