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Build meaningful
relationships with leads

Get experts on your side to develop marketing strategy and tactics that make customers feel seen and valued. Increase leads, convert them and keep them close to your SME services or products.

How do we help you create meaningful relationships with clients?

We’re on a mission to help businesses communicate in a timely, relevant and non intrusive way with their prospects and clients. By analysing data, employing empathy and focusing on pull rather than push strategies, we deliver strategies that focus on long term value for everyone involved.

Lead generation

Is your sales team struggling to deliver targets? We generate fresh, sales-ready leads and help develop a system that nurtures existing leads to increase conversion rates.

Launch marketing

Are you an SME who is looking for marketing help for the first time? We bring our expertise in similar projects to your business, being more cost-effective than full-time hiring.

New audiences

Trying to engage with new audiences, but not sure where to start? We build and engage with new communities, then nurture them to ensure they become your future clients.

Digital strategy

Are you looking to increase your digital presence? We got you covered with email marketing, content marketing, copywriting, social media and digital ads.

Event Marketing

Are you running an event and need help with your marketing efforts? We build and deliver marketing campaigns for digital and live events.

"A Great Experience for the Leads!"

“More than campaigns personalised in a smart way to capture leads, EMarketing Stars have also created a great experience for them. When you have a small company and a very niched target, you think no one will care as much as you do. I was glad to see they really understood our vision and have built a way of promoting our services in a creative and valuable way. I highly recommend them, they are well organised and prompt!”
Silvana Stoicescu
General Manager, Akademix

"Incredible effectiveness of our budget!"

"It’s fantastic to be speaking to somebody about a particular idea you want to achieve and then end up with a much better result than you expected. EMarketing Stars brought incredible level of effectiveness to this project and made the best use of our communication budget. The event was a complete success. EMS overachieved expectations, every single detail of their work was highly appreciated by our C-level participants & sponsors."
Andreea Nistor
Executive Director, AVE Romania


We work with SMEs in:

  • education
  • tech
  • manufacturing
  • recruitment
from Europe, the Americas and Africa on their marketing strategies and implementation.

Get our know-how

Generating quick content can be done from your old content. Repurpose, recreate, curate.

Virtual, hybrid, or in person, events are a huge booster of awareness & engagement for your small to medium business.

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