About Us

We put events in sales strategy. Wait, no, that doesn’t work. Not in a letters sense, but trust us, we do.

Who we are

We’re an agency in 2018 from our wish to influence the marketing of several companies rather than just one. 

Our mission

Is to help businesses build meaningful relationships with their prospects and clients through events and ongoing marketing strategy.

What we do

What does the “e” in our logo stand for? It originally stood for Event, but then we realised we work on so much more than events that in 2021 we upgraded our identity. We still keep events at the core of our strategy, but also develop demand gen strategies that support business and sales growth.

What do we believe in?

Our values, beliefs and responsibilities are:

We involve you in our work and we adapt the plan as we go along. We try to be closer than your regular agency by getting involved in strategy and team activities, which is why we’re told frequently it seems we’re part of the team

Something we want to give and receive, in regards to expectations, objectives and results

We work on setting realistic deadlines and working towards them, knowing we have a responsibility towards the client and ourselves. We also aim to reply any inquiry within 1 working day

We own our results and our failures. This is how we aim to be better

We are aware we don’t know it all, so we aim to learn as much as we can, in all contexts and including from our clients

We try to be eco-friendly, in our day to day activity and choose to work with companies that aim to reduce their impact on the environment

We base our marketing decisions on historical data and the results we estimate they will bring, according to the strategy

Some Numbers

1 +
Satisfied clients
10 K+
Leads generated
1 +
Events marketed

Meet the core team

Raluca Apostol

Founder & Campaign Director. Loves to discuss numbers and coming up with strategies of standing out. Lights up when a B2B event is involved.

Diana Slabu

Our master of words, planning and the best customer relationship building. Account Executive with a background in anthropology & content marketer.

Patricia Vintilă

Experienced designer and trainee in illustrations. Will get triggered by “we need it by yesterday”.

Arry Stritter

Our number person, working with acronyms such as PPC, CPC, CPM, CTR and other such letters. Digital ads strategist and travel lover.

Our core team is also completed by freelancers, chosen to match your existing needs and with the level of expertise that matches the stage your project is in.

They who work with us project base on programming (for our web development projects), video (for our content strategies) and tech (for technology automation and integration) and of course, our pets, who overview our work from home. 

Would you like to start a project with us?

Let’s chat and see if we’re a good chat for each other

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