How to win customers by attending on-site B2B events

A practical guide on how to get more leads and convert them to clients by attending physical events

Introducing events in your marketing mix?

The pressure is on to do more with less. Among budget cuts and lay offs, sales targets have rarely changed. B2B companies in all industries are looking for ways to generate more revenue, in a cost effective way.

And what better way than to meet your future customers face to face than a physical event? Whether as an attendee, a speaker or an exhibitor, the benefits of joining a B2B event are considerable.

However, in order to attend these meetings, you need to invest budget, which can sometimes be considerable. How do you make sure it is spent in the best way possible?

Having all this in mind, we’ve put together the guide to Winning More Customers from On-site B2B Events

If your company is just starting out on its path to attend external events, this guide is for you. It will help you:

1. Decide what is the best way to attend – as a participant, exhibitor or speaker;
2. Give you a check list of activities to do before, during and after the event;
3. Present example of messages and brand activations you can use;
4. Offer practical tips on increasing leads whilst attending events and getting more conversion after the events;
5. Ensure you get the best ROI on your event attendance budget.

Even if you have attended events before, the guide is developed to help you get increase ROI and number of leads from attending external events, organised by companies outside your own.

Who is this guide for?

  • Small and medium-enterprises’ executives exploring attending external events for the first few times
  • Business owners, marketing directors and sales directors looking to increase lead generation from external events
  • Business development executives searching for better outcomes from event attendance and sponsoring

Sections of the guide:

  1. Main benefits of attending B2B events
  2. How to find the best industry events
  3. How to choose the right events to attend
  4. Participant vs exhibitor vs speaker?
    1. Attending as a participant – getting ready list
    2. Attending as an exhibitor – Booth activation ideas and getting ready list
    3. Attending as a speaker – How to choose the topic and getting ready list
  5. Templates for communication related to event attendance
  6. Draft budget and ROI 

Who we are

I am Raluca Apostol and since 2011 I have been working in hundreds of events.

From concerts to trade shows, from meet-ups to conferences, from hundreds to tens of thousands of attendees, I tested them all before settling on B2B event marketing.

And I am Andreea Sava and I have been working in the events industry for almost a decade.

I have organized and coordinated more than 500 social and corporate events, large and small, national and international. I love to use my best skills in every stage of planning and am always willing to put in the extra hours to make sure every event is successfully executed.

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