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They say the only constant in life is change and if marketing can testify to anything, it’s that this is 100% true. So, in keeping up with times, we have a change of our own to announce.

When we launched our brand 2 years ago, we were aiming to be the agency of choice for event marketing. It was were most of our experience came from and it was one of the parts we enjoyed most from the marketing toolbelt. That moment when the attendees come through the door and you see the results of you work is a type of high you can’t get from a lot of places.

But, in a start-up, it’s a great thing to plan, as long as you are ready to challenge that plan quite often. Reality (with a touch of pandemic) has meant that we worked on so much more than that, because events are only a part of a B2B marketing strategy. And even the B2B part of the business was challenged by our network and expertise in education. When a good project comes your way, you can’t (or shouldn’t) say no, so we worked on B2C education projects as well. And we love every moment of it.

So, in order to better reflect our services, we adapted our brand. We dropped the “event” part and turned it into “e”. Not standing for online or experiential, but standing for “everything”, which is our promise to our clients. We will recommend everything we think it takes to really make your marketing campaign stand out and deliver the best results, whether those recommendations mean working with us or with someone else.

We continue to stay true to our values of closeness, honesty, on time, accountability, humbleness, care for the environment and results orientation, as we look to expand our client base even more. As you may have seen, our website has also had an update and we believe it’s a great improvement to our previous one. We’ll probably look at it in 2 years and think “oi, we can do so much better, what is this s*$t”, but that’s marketing for you.

These past 2 years have meant bringing new help on board, both permanent and to expand our freelancer network. We took on projects in lead generation, lead nurturing, digital strategy and of course, event marketing in the education, tech, manufacturing, consultancy and recruitment industries. We worked on campaigns across Europe and continued to learn more about what we do by joining as many marketing events as we could possibly fit into our schedule, while also remaining sane.

Thanks to everyone who helped us in these past 2 years, as a client or a provider, to those that have given us advice and recommendations, to the people that shared our content or visited our website. The only way is up for the future and we can’t wait to build it with you.

Raluca, Marius and Paty
eMarketing Stars team

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