Online marketing events in 2021

This time last year the pandemic was still something new, that we were starting to discuss. We didn’t think it was something too serious. We were still travelling for events and didn’t think that will change as fast as it did.

Ah well, we’ve adapted and our businesses survived, one way or the other. We’ve learnt to deal with uncertainty and now it’s time to focus on growth too. And what better way to grow than in a community with your peers, learning from the best in the industry and networking with people doing things similar as you?

So, I’ve done some research, asked my colleagues and connections to put together a list of upcoming marketing events from 2021. Given the current context and how we think the situation will evolve, we haven’t included any live events. There is too much uncertainty around being able to organise or attend them, even in a restricted format, so virtual will still be your best bet.

I’m afraid our research has mostly produced North American and European events, but let’s fix it. You can submit an event you haven’t found by using the form at the end of this article.

Online Marketing Events – March

Marketing Evolution Summit, 4 March

Topics: Marketing strategies, effective remote collaboration, key marketing tools.

Fee: $49.99 – $99.99


Martech, 16 – 17 March

Topics: Marketing automation systems, customer data platforms, attribution and predictive analytics platforms, digital asset management tools

Fee: Free, workshops for $149


Digital Marketing World Forum, 24 – 25 March

Topics: Influencer marketing, community management, social media, content marketing, SEO.

Fee: Access by request, free?


Online Marketing Events – April

Marketingprofs B2B Forum, 7 – 8 April with a Fall event in October

Topics: Not announced yet, will be found here: Last year’s focused on influencer marketing, content marketing, marketing automation and email strategy.

Fee: $595.00, free for MarketingProfs subscribers


Email Marketing Virtual Expo, 10 April

Topics: Email automations, email performance, email deliverability – everything email basically

Fee: $50


EiQ Gathering, 21 – 22 April

Topics: Email marketing, CX, data.

Fee: Free or $175 for brand side, $500 for vendors


Adobe Summit, 27 – 29 April

Topics: Not announced yet, will be found here: Last year’s focused on trends, Adobe tools and new technology.

Fee: Free


Content Marketing Conference, 27 – 29 April

Topics: Content planning, optimization, distribution, performance.

Fee: $249 – $499 (based on time of booking)


Global Virtual Martech Summit, 28 – 29 April

Topics: Customer experience, digital marketing, brand marketing, data analytics.

Fee: free for industry live attendance, $49 for on-demand and vendors


Online Marketing Events – May

ADWorld Conference, 3 – 5 May

Topics: Content marketing, content optimization, media buying, E-commerce, SEO & SEM, advertising agencies, lead generation, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising.

Fee: $99 – $999, based on time of booking and profile


Social Media Marketing Week New York, 4 – 7 May

Topics: Brand management, content marketing, data.

Fee: $179 – $539, based on time of booking and profile


Confab, The Content Strategy Conference, 5 – 7 May

Topics: Content strategy, UX, creativity.

Fee: $895 – $1,095, based on time of booking


Brand ManageCamp, 18 – 20 May

Topics: Customer experience, branding, influencer marketing.

Fee: $495 for 3 days, $225 for 1 day


Digital Summit at Home: B2B Marketing, 25 – 27 May

Topics: Not announced yet, will be found here:

Fee: $145 – $525, based on time of booking and profile


Online Marketing Events – June

ContentTECH Summit
, 8 – 10 June

Topics: Content strategy, content management & measurement, SEO, CX.

Fee: $599 – $799, based on time of booking and profile


Social Media Strategies Summit, 8 – 11 June

Topics: Social media, B2B social media strategy, social listening.

Fee: $399 – $799, based on time of booking


Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit, 8 – 11 June

Topics: Influencer marketing.

Fee: $399 – $799, based on time of booking


Starting in July, it was easier to find offline events rather than online, but here is what we found.

Online Marketing Events – July

Mozcon Virtual, 12 – 14 July

Topics: SEO, search marketing, mobile, conversion optimisation, local search.

Fee: $149, $129 if you’re a Moz Customer


Online Marketing Events – October

CONEX, 20, 22, 29 October & 4 November

Topics: customer experience, content marketing, campaign marketing, ABM, retention

Fee: Free


Strategic Marketing 2021, 12 – 13 October

Topics: brand marketing, executive strategy & growth, data analytics & customer insights, content & creative, social media & influencers.

Fee: $599 – $2,499, based on your profile


INBOUND, 12 – 14 October

Topics: agenda not yet announced, but will focus on social media, content marketing, SEM, CX and others.

Fee: Free for starter pass, $49 for all access pass (until 15 March)


Other, multiple dates

DigiMarCon, split by regions with a few virtual events this year:

General Marketing and CX events across the year:

Search Marketing events throughout the year:

Plus, here are some other event lists:

If your event is not on the list and you want to add it, use the form below and we’ll review it and add it to the list.

Happy networking everyone!

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