Content Marketer / Marketing Executive

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Who we are

We’re a start-up founded in 2018 from our wish to influence the marketing of several companies rather than just one. As all start-ups, we started as a one person show and progressed to 2 core members + freelancers

Our mission

Is to help businesses communicate in a timely, relevant and non intrusive way, building meaningful relationships with their prospects and clients.

What we do

We’re looking for someone who will make us into an even greater team. If you’re eager to learn new things, happy to work on tasks and respecting deadlines and value a good working environment above office perks, then let’s see if we’re a good fit for each other.

eMarketing Stars is a 3-year old marketing agency working with clients in the education and tech space. In your role, you will:

  • come up with a social media strategy plan and write content for social media posts 
  • come up with a content marketing plan (articles, interviews, videos) and prepare the script for them, working with providers to implement them
  • come up with a newsletter/email outreach strategy and write content for them
  • work with our designer to design assets (being prepared to design simple banners in Canva is a plus and training will be offered)
Our goal is to have around 6 hours actual working time per day, so we’re more focused on quality work rather than time spent on tasks. If you can do it quicker at the same quality, more free time for you.
You will be required to track your time with Trello, which helps in budget setting for clients and ensures you don’t take on more than you can work on. 
Our clients are based in Romania and Europe, so good command of both Romanian and English is required.

What we offer

In your role, you will be working closely with the agency’s founder, who will offer you training and guidance. You will be able to work from anywhere, as long as the task are accomplished. Similarly, you won’t be asked to work a certain amount of hours, we will review together your to-do list and ensure that your tasks can be accomplished in 6 hours or less of work time per day (on average).

Your salary will be based on your previous experience and we believe in fair remuneration. Which is why, given our needs and resources, we’re looking to work with someone with less than 3 years experience.

Being a small agency means that you will have the option to grow and take on other areas as well (as long as your time allows for it), such as:
  • event marketing
  • PPC ads
  • account management
  • campaign marketing
  • marketing strategy
And it’s up to you how much you want to get involved in any of these areas and in which of these you want to grow.

This is a great role for someone:
  • looking to understand the ins and outs of a marketing agency
  • interested in projects in education and technology, both industries which you will master, in time
  • who is comfortable working on their own, not having a big team to rely on, but working closely with one person

What is a must

Good marketing can only thrive in the presence of a good working relationship with our clients. In order to work well together, these are the values, beliefs and responsibilities we want you to adhere to:

We involve the client in our work and we adapt the plan as we go along. We try to be closer than a regular agency by getting involved in strategy and team activities, which is why we’re told frequently it seems we’re part of the team. So, as a team member, you’d have to be willing to listen to the client and attend meetings with them every once in a while.

Something we want to give and receive, in regards to expectations, objectives and results. We’re honest to each other and with the client, even when it may not look good on paper to do this. But we want to cultivate trust and honesty & transparency is at the base of it.

We work on setting realistic deadlines and working towards them, knowing we have a responsibility towards the client and ourselves. We also aim to reply any inquiry within 1 working day.

We own our results and our failures. This is how we aim to be better, by learning from both successes and failures.

We are aware we don’t know it all, so we aim to learn as much as we can, in all contexts and including from our clients.

We try to be eco-friendly, in our day to day activity and choose to work with companies that aim to reduce their impact on the environment.

We base our marketing decisions on historical data and the results we estimate they will bring, according to the strategy. We don’t look at vanity metrics and we educate clients into looking at realistic objectives, that are matched to their business strategy.

How to apply

To apply for the role, please send your CV and a letter of intention (including in it the value you most resonate with from the list above and why) to [email protected].

Applications are processed when received and we aim to have someone starting by the beginning of next year.

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